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December 8, 2019
Come Ski With Us!

Not Much Time Left

These Trips Are Still Accepting Applications

But, not for much longer.  It's time to make your move!

Last Call for The Instructional and Breckenridge

There are a just a few days left for those members fence-sitting these trips.  Contact trip leaders ASAP about how to send your application and full payment.  It's ski season!

And, there's not a lot of time left to get registered for the other trips as well.

Happy Hanukkah


Right Now Kapow!

Some People Are Sayin'....

Merry Christmas

Around Town

Our club worked with the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club to create a special event for the holiday season at REI. It's where Sales
meets EducationSalesucation!
Bring back the knowledge.

The Roamin' Happy Hour moved to a Wednesday this month.
That's a good thing to know.

And, that's a busy night because
it's also Pretzel Bell Trivia Night. 
Use the knowledge!

Upcoming Events

Mon Dec 09 Glacier Hills Caroling
Tue Dec 10 REI Private Tour
Wed Dec 11 Roamin' Happy Hour
Wed Dec 11 Trivia Challenge at Pretzel Bell
Thu Dec 12 Board Meeting
Fri Dec 20 Euchre Friday!


Ski Trips
2019 - 2020

Glide On!

 When   What ? Where
 Jan 10 D,X  C Schuss/Shanty Creek Ski Trip
 Jan 11 DR   - MACC Competitive Skiing
+Jan 13 X    O Stokely Creek XC with WSTC
 Jan 18 D    F Out-West Kick-Off in Telluride, Colorado
+Jan 24 X    O Grayling XC Getaway with WSTC
 Jan 25 DR   - MACC Competitive Skiing
 Jan 31 D,X  O Winter Weekend in Petoskey
 Feb 07 D,X  F Swiss Alps
 Feb 07 DR   - MACC Competitive Skiing
+Feb 14 X    O Frankfort XC Weekend with WSTC
 Feb 21 X    O Black Mountain Weekend
 Feb 22 DR   - MACC Competitive Skiing
 Mar 06 DR   - MACC Competitive Skiing
+Mar 06 X    O Valley Spur XC with WSTC
 Mar 07 D    C Downhill at Breckenridge
 Mar 28 D,X  O Utah Spring Skiing

(+)  WSTC Trips

(D)  Downhill      
(X)  Cross-Country
(DR) Downhill Racing

(F)  Full     
(O)  Open
(C)  Closing


Trip Payments Schedule

ST   Destination     Sgnp    2nd    Finl
                            15OCT  01DEC

CO   Telluride       $450   $550   Bal
EU   Davos           $600   $900   Bal
CO   Breckenridge    $450   $750   Bal
UT   Snw Basn/PowMow $250   $400   Bal

NOTE!  Except Utah where second payment is due 5-DEC and the balance is due on 9-JAN.

Breck Snowstick

This year the Ann Arbor Ski Club is running 3 Out West ski trips, 3 Up North, and 1 to Europe.  Altogether these trips will serve about 150 members.  That's a lot of travel dollars!


Recognition and Rewards

Our website has been improved too.  Check out the new Online Member Dashboard

Be sure to log in for all the features.

Recognition and Rewards

The club's Recognition and Rewards program has undergone a few changes.  Points for certain jobs have been tweaked up.  And, the BOD approved a new "job", which we've labeled Ambassador.

Bring a new guest to a General Meeting or on a trip and we'll call you Ambassador plus award you recognition points to boot!


You Can't Un-See It!

Fantastic Burgers!

...If only in my dreams...


Since 1954


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