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Volunteer Recognition and Rewards Program

The mission of the Volunteer Recognition and Rewards Program is to...

  Reward and thank those members who keep our club vibrant by volunteering.
  Encourage members to get involved with new ideas and activities, to assist with various events, and to really sense their stake in the club.
  Create awareness in our community about A2SC and our club's 60-plus years of providing skiing, socializing, and non-winter sports opportunities to equal numbers of men and women spanning a wide age range who arrive with diverse backgrounds and skill levels.  

    Volunteer Categories


    Points Awarded


    Volunteer Task



    Directors on the Board
    Including Board-level Officers-- President and Vice-President

    Other Officers
    Treasurer and Receiving Treasurer

    Primary Coordinators
    Skiing, Business, Events & Activities

    Chairs of the following Standing Committees
    Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Membership, Communications, and Social



    Trip Leaders
    Of out-of-town club excursions involving overnight stays of two or more nights



    Chairs of the following Standing Committees
    Alternative Trips, Competitive Skiing, Finance, Golf, Hospitality, Local Winter Trails, and Recognition & Rewards

    Administrators and Managers
    MDSC Liaison, MeetUp Manager, Website Manager, and Wild Apricot Events Manager



    Event Hosts and Help

    Those who develop, organize and lead an around-town event, or fulfill needed tasks at a club meeting or event.


    Introduce the club to a new face (guest) at a General Meeting or on a trip.

    Note:  New guests must be attending their very first meeting or joining their first trip. 

    Also, If the guest joins the club at either;

      1. their introductory General Meeting
      2. or, when qualifying for their first club trip,

    the award is tripled to 12 points. (A given for new faces introduced via a trip.)  To qualify for the bonus points when the club is introduced to the new face via a General Meeting the guest must join at same General Meeting.


    Must be an active member to participate.

    More Info

    Check out the catalog of rewards to see what you've earned or could earn. 

    Good luck and Thanks!

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