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Trip Planning

Planning Trips and Planning   for  Trips

Information and tools for the organizers of trips and for members joining trips on how to produce them and get ready for them.

Prepare yourself for a trip.
Join the planning phase of producing trips.
Organize trips and trip support.

Do you have suggestions for how to prepare that you'd like to share on these pages?  Send suggestions to the Website Editor.

Trip Making

Trip planning committees include;

  1. Alpine 
  2. Nordic  
  3. Alternative Trips 

The last one falls under the purview of the Activities Coordinator whereas the former two committees are placed under the Ski Trip Coordinator. 

Find Coordinators in the club directory.

A2SC Standing Ski trip Committees

  1. Alpine Downhill in Michigan and elsewhere
  2. Nordic Cross-Country
  3. CompetitiveDownhill Racing in Michigan
  4. MDSCMetropolitan Detroit Ski Council

A2SC Standing Activities Committees

(... that plan trips...)

  1. Alternative Trips - Kayaking, Biking, and Golf

Most Activities Committees don't organize trips.  They organize local events.

Upcoming Planning Meetings

Trip Planning Forum Updates

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Corn Roast Sign-Up Procedure

Two to four Out West Alpine trips are offered each year and often spots are available well into the sign-up season for two out of three or three out of four trips.   Invariably one trip fills fast.  For members who want on that trip keep reading.

You Must Go to the Corn Roast
Coveted Out West Alpine ski trips are released for signup at the Corn Roast and to guarantee a spot on certain trips it's necessary to get there early enough to get your name on the queue-up sheet.  You must be present to win!

Later at the Corn Roast, usually around 2 pm, when the trips are released if you're still onsite you get to hold your spot in the line. 

Note, not all trips fill the first day, so expect that some trips will remain available far into the season of signups.  

Yet, we always have one trip that grabs a lot of interest and it goes quick hence the need for a fair system of access to these extremely popular trips! 

That is, you have to be there.

Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106

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