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2025 Out West Trips Sign-Up Process.

1.    Trip Signups will be at the Aloha party on May 19, 2024

2.    Doors will be opened at 5:00 for members to enter the party. You must stop and pay your entrance fee before proceeding.

3.    Each trip will have a table with clipboard that members can put their name on to “signup” for the trip. If the trip is filled, you can put your name on the waitlist.

4.    Board members, Trip Leaders and party volunteers may put their name on the lists prior to doors opening. Click Here to volunteer to help at the Aloha party.

5.    Each member is eligible to signup one additional person

6.    You must return to the trip leaders table prior to 6:30 to complete your registration (see below)

Registration Process

1.    Get a copy of the trip sign up form, either ahead of time from the website or from the trip leader

2.    Read and sign both pages

3.    IMPORTANT: make sure all your information in the membership database is correct, including the legal spelling of your name. This is what will be used for airline tickets and any mistakes may result in denied boarding. Click Here to update your profile information now. Click Here to learn how to update your profile information.

4.    Go to the payment desk and complete your deposit payment. Credit cards and ACH are the preferred methods. Have your form signed.

5.    Return to the trip leader to be registered for the trip

If you do not return by 6:30 with your paperwork complete, your name can be moved to the bottom of the signup list.

Online Signups

●     Online signups on the Ski Club Website ( with a credit card deposit of $206 will begin on Monday May 20th at 5:00pm

The remainder of your payments will be via the Encompasse web site using ACH. Payments will start in late august as outlined in each trips contract.

Lift pass purchase information

Ikon pass pricing is valid for any AASC member

Encompass will be offering an 8% discount on any Ikon pass purchased through their website. The pricing of the lift passes in the trip contracts are very competitive and members should carefully weigh their options.

●     Go to

●     Click on “passes” at top right

●     Select Ikon logo

●     Password is IkonSki2025

●     Follow on screen instructions to complete your purchase

Epic Pass Pricing for AASC members going on the Vail Trip

●     Must go on trip in order to get package discount, it is applied as a credit on final trip payment.

●     Epic pass must be purchased and paid for as a separate item through encompass website

●     Epic pass pricing is subject to periodic price increases. Credit will remain constant

●     Epic passes are non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased

●     Epic passes are unrestricted. Unused days can be used at other EPIC destinations, including Mt Brighton.

●     Go to

●     Click on “passes” at top right

●     Select Epic logo

●     Follow onscreen instructions to complete your purchase

Pricing as of April 7, 2024

EPIC SEASON PASS, current retail price of $982.

$100 discount on the package price

EPIC LOCAL PASS, current retail price of $731

$75 discount on the package price

EPIC SIX DAY PASS, current retail price of $573

$50 discount on the package price

EPIC FIVE DAY PASS, current retail price of $492

$50 discount on the package price

EPIC FOUR DAY PASS, current retail price of $402

$40 discount on the package price.

How do I Update My Profile Information?

• To get started, log in to your account. Click Here to login to your profile.

• Use the email address and password provided when you joined the club.

• If you forgot your password, click “Forgot password” and a password reset email will be sent to your email address.

Once logged in follow these steps:

1. Click the large red box “Edit Profile”.

2. Correct any inaccuracies and enter any missing information.

6. Return to the top of the page and click the large red box “Save”.

6. To log out click the person icon in the upper right corner and select “Log Out”.

Click Here to Return to Registration Process Instructions

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