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Call for Nominations !!

We are 53 days from Elections

Candidates for President must declare by St. Pat's

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2 . 27 . 2022


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State of the Club

BOD News

The Board held a meeting on 17-FEB.  Like the previous meeting it was held online.  It was a newsworthy meeting.  See below.

  • Upcoming General Meetings were discussed and details worked out.
  • Next year's meetings were considered too.  It's time to make reservations, particularly if any are to be held at Cobblestone.  They opened recently.  Sites still TBD.
  • Schuss/Shanty & Big Sky behind us; both successful.  Alas each was affected by a single member each testing positive for Covid at departure.
  • Terrace and Park City are ahead.  Terrace has room, Park City is full.  More cancellations than usual this year has kept Trip Leaders busy!
  • New Western Trips coordinator, Jim Kelly is off to a fast start.
  • The BOD made some changes to the Rewards program.  Details are in this newsletter below.
This IS the trip planning season. Make sure J Kelly hears your ideas.

Declared BOD Candidates

Six existing BOD members have offered to serve again.

  • Lane Hotchkiss
  • Joe Knopp
  • Darlene Morin
  • Alan Osterdale
  • Greg Robertson
  • Lisa Salisbury

      Six additional club members have put their names in the hat.

      • Susan Brown
      • Anne Gilbert
      • Todd Newman
      • Mike Timmerman
      • Vicki Watson

      As the outgoing President Greg's position is automatic.

      So far, we have 11 candidates for 10 slots.


      Correction to Last Issue

      Good news we have an announced candidate for President, Lisa Salisbury.

      As the Board's chosen candidate As the, so far, only declared candidate she is favored to win the election at the Annual Meeting on April 21.

      Your editor has been advised that the Board does not choose or favor any candidate, even one drawn from their own ranks, as has been traditional for quite a while.  That is, it has been typical for the next President to be someone who has been serving on the existing board and Lisa fulfills that description.

      "Officially, while the board is happy that Lisa has decided to run for President, the board officially DOES NOT have a candidate it is endorsing and it welcomes any and all ski club members to declare their candidacy prior to the 35-day cutoff (March 17.)"


      35-Day Rule

      All candidates for President must declare to the BOD their intent to run by 17-MAR, 35 days before the election.

      This new rule was added a few years ago as a courtesy to declared candidates.

      The 35-day rule does not apply to Directors on the Board.  They can be nominated all the way up to the day of the election.

      But, a committee has formed to receive nominations and run the election.  You don't need to wait until the last minute to nominate.

      Nominating Committee

      Lance Burghardt
      Kathy Homiak
      Nancy Marcotte
      Greg Robertson
      Janet Starr

      Greg is the chair.



      And, we need voters!  At least 57, to achieve quorum at the Annual Meeting so that we can complete the first election in two years.   

      Put it on your calendar now, PLEASE!

      Interesting Note

      Because the Annual Meeting got delayed twice all BOD slots are up for election at the same time.

      Normally the 2-year terms are staggered.

      There's a solution for that.  The top 5 vote getters are assigned 2-year terms and the remaining candidates receive 1-year terms. 

      It's in the Constitution.

      Cool Communication Committee News

      Jeff Crawford has agreed to join the club's Communication Committee.  He comes with considerable technology and website experience.

      Initially Jeff will study POS (Point of Sale) and online payment systems to build a report for the BOD on options, cost-benefit relationships, and a measure of the effort entailed. 

      He'll do this while also studying our Communications platform, Wild Apricot.  Our website, newsletter, and events calendar are built and maintained on this platform. 

      Also, our contacts and membership database, and certain financial records (membership renewal.)

      In time look for Jeff to assume some of our more routine communication tasks and an injection of new ideas.  And, he'll probably implement that POS, if directed by the Board.

      Send Jeff a Welcome Aboard!

      Other members of the Communications crew are;

      • Donna Sagonowsky, Facebook Liaison
      • Anne Gilbert, Meetup Liaison
      • Dennis Slough, Web/eBlast/Calendar Editor


      Club Meetings

      Mar 10 Mt. Brighton
      Apr 07 Good Times Get-Together
      Apr 21 Election, Annual Biz Meeting, AND Aloha Party
      May 15 Mega-Party

      Held at the Union Hall, except for the March Mt. Brighton Pizza Party.

      Union Hall

      DJ Paul

      at the April 7 GM

      Live Band (TBD)

      at the April 21 Union Hall Annual Meeting

      Proof of Covid vaccination required to join a club General Meeting.  You will have to show proof at the door to enter.

      Mt. Brighton is an exception.
      We'll follow their rules.



      Night-on-The-Town Events



      Status of Ski Trips

      Flyers and Contracts for 2022 Ski Trips


      MACC Racing


      Tips & Member News


      Euchre or eucre (/ˈjuːkər/) is a trick-taking card game commonly played in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the United States. It is played with a deck of 24, 28, or 32 standard playing cards. Normally there are four players, two on each team, although there are variations that range from two to nine players.  -- Wikipedia

      Even though it is most popular in English speaking countries, the game likely came from Germany.

      The highest cards in a Euchre hand, eclipsing Aces, are Bowers, phonetically the same as the German word, Bauer, a name used for Jacks.  It translates to farmer. 

      Coincidentally Germans call farts Little Farmers, is something I heard once.



      Changes to the Rewards Program got approved by the BOD at their recent meeting.   Our website will start reflecting those changes soon.  For now here's a preview.  

      • Prices are going up-- both cash and points required
      • Merch changes
        • Iron-on Patch added
        • Flag removed
      • Also, we're no longer supporting online purchases.  You must contact the Rewards Program Administrator to complete either a cash purchase or exchange of points.  Lisa Salisbury is currently our Administrator.

      Prices go up on May 15, the day of our Megaparty.  You may purchase items from our Store at existing cash and Snowbuck rates until then.  Contact Lisa and watch for more information here in the coming weeks.


      Rewards Program

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      Volunteering hands image
      Volunteering hands image

      Read a description here.

      Code of Conduct

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      We know how to behave responsibly!

      National Park Service App


      This Land is Your Land...


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