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December 1, 2019
Come Ski With Us!

You are invited!

to the

Ann Arbor Ski Club Christmas Dance


Thursday the 5th of December

7:30 - 10:30 PM

Dress Up and Celebrate the Season

Live Music by Spark

Public Welcome

$10 Cover
($5 for Dues-Paying Members)
includes entry, food, and drink

Fulfill your cover with a new unwrapped gift for a child. 

Along with the toys 50% of the gate will go to charity.

A2SC does not collect any dues or fees through Meet-Up

We have an annual membership fee and collection processes that predate the Internet! 

Therefore members of our Meet-Up group who don't pay the annual dues are considered guests at our General Meetings.  And, likewise with members of our Facebook Group.

Status of Trips

Ogden Shuttle

These Trips Are Still Accepting Applications 

Last Call for The Instructional and Breckenridge at the Christmas General Meeting

...with a few additional days left for thrill-seekers who join via US Mail only when their blood pressure cuff starts beeping.

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Happy Hanukkah


Right Now Kapow!

  1. Ho!
  2. Ho!
  3. Ho!
Merry Christmas

Around Town

Some People Are Sayin'....

Our club worked with the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club to create a special event for the holiday season at REI. It's where Sales meets
Education. We're goin't'
learn a lot.

Two annual club favorites are imminent.
The Warren Miller film and Xmas Caroling.
Watch Out!

The Roamin' Happy Hour moves
to a Wednesday in December.
Watch Out!

And, that's a busy night because it's
also Pretzel Bell trivia night.  Plan it right and
you can... 
L'arn a Lot!

WSTC General Meeting
Tue, Dec 3, 7 PM - 9 PM
Kerrytown Concert House, 415 N. 4th Av, A2

Big Screen Tuesday
Tue, Dec 03, 5:30 PM
Red Robin, 3797 Carpenter Rd, Ypsi

Fri, Dec 6, 6:30 PM
LIVE, 102 S 1st St, A2

Warren Miller's Timeless
Fri, Dec 6, 6:30 PM
Michigan Theater, 603 E Liberty St, A2

WSTC Sunday Hike
Sun, Dec 8, 10 AM – Noon
Island Lake State Recreation Area

Key details for the hike were not available by press time.  Watch for updates on our calendar or at WSTC's Meet-Up page. 

Glacier Hills Caroling
Mon, Dec 9, 6:00 PM
Glacier Hills, 1200 Earhart Rd, A2

REI Private Tour
Tue, Dec 10, 6:00 PM
REI, 970 W Eisenhower Pkwy, A2

Roamin' Happy Hour
Wed, Dec 11,  5:30 - 7:30 PM
Marriott at Eagle Crest, 1275 S Huron St, Ypsi

Trivia Challenge at Pretzel Bell
Wed, Dec 11, 7 - 10 PM
Pretzel Bell, 226 S Main St, A2


2019-2020 Ski Trips

Trip on a click and see where you go! 

It's fill or go home time.  We still have trips to fill.
Let's NOT go home!

Go To Trips Page

(+) WSTC Trips
(D) Downhill      
(X) Cross-Country
(F) Full     
(O) Open


Payment Schedules

ST   Destination     Sgnp    2nd    Finl
                            15OCT  01DEC

CO   Telluride       $450   $550   Bal
EU   Davos           $600   $900   Bal
CO   Breckenridge    $450   $750   Bal
UT   Snw Basn/PowMow $250   $400   Bal

NOTE!  Except Utah where second payment is due 5-DEC and the balance is due on 9-JAN.



Next Spring members of this club will sleep at the foot of Utah's most famous mountain. 

The one that  inspired Majestic Mountain of Hollywood's oldest logo.

It's called Ben Lomond Peak, and its tale of inspiration is told best by this hiking guide.

Ben Lomond came by its name from another pinnacle connection. 

It was named for the Scottish peak; Beinn Laomainn, which translates to Beacon Mountain.

A lot of things on this planet are named Ben Lomond, and many high things are called Beacon, but Ogden's mountain ranks just under the original in majestic recognition.

Ben Lomond Hotel
Beinn Laomainn
Ben Lomond Peak


You Can't Un-See It!

That's Where Amelia Went!

That time we were looking real swell!
Left to Right
Doug Cook, Yours Truly, Amelia, and that guy who fell down a lot.


Since 1954


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