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10 . 3 . 2021

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General Meeting Schedule
2021 - 2022

Oct 21 Halloween Dance
Nov 18 
XC Kickoff
Dec 09 Christmas Dance
Feb 17 Mt. Brighton
Mar 10 Mt. Brighton
Apr 07 Annual Biz & Elections
Apr 21 Aloha Party


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Picture of Pumpkins

Linda Hahn asks us how many members and friends would be interested in dining out at either Weber's or Carlyle for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday November 25.

  • Turkey is not the only option.
  • Reservations are definitely required this year.
  • Let her know

Or, click on your choice below.

Click only if you intend to go.
It's a particular kind of popularity contest!

And, presumably in the end you'll go with the crowd.

Carlyle Grill


Blank Person Image

Linda Hahn, has made her traditional offer to host a Thanksgiving celebration. 

She normally gets a lot of takers.

Note the possessive "S" on Weber's and the lack of an "S" at the end of Carlyle.

  How many of you get that wrong? 


Like me.


Editor's Note

There is a remarkable lack of Linda Hahn imagery.  Could someone (Liz!) get Linda to sit down for a photo.

Slice of Pie Image

State of the Happy Hour


A Report By Liz Perri

There is a continuing shortage of staffing at the places we used to frequent.

The manager at PF Chang's did not want to commit to making a reservation for us until he had enough servers. 

Blackrock now requires that no more than three credit cards be used for the whole group. The manager said that it takes extra staff to process all the individual credit cards.

I had lined up Relish at Kensington until I found out today that they have only one server for all customers, and the server is also the bartender. One person!

Captain Joe's Logo

We're not all back quite yet.




Snowbird Peruvian Tunnel Image

Photo Credit: Ken Shannon

Status of Ski Trips


Tips and Member News

Graphic of the Word October

It's the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the sixth of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

The eighth month in the old calendar of Romulus, October retained its name after January and February were inserted into the calendar that had originally been created by the Romans.

Among the Anglo-Saxons, it was known as Ƿinterfylleþ, because at this full moon winter was supposed to begin.

-- Wikipedia



Ogden 2015

Photo Credit: Ken Shannon

That time when we had 100% Dennis participation on a trip.

Dust, MacDonald, Slough

What about Kathleen?!


That was then, now we have six Dennises, not counting Kathleen!

Kathy Dennis Picture

Yeah!  What gives!?

Dewitt, Gonzales, and Prunkard-- welcome aboard from a fellow Dennis.


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