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Covid Vaccine Mandated
For Ski Club Trips and Certain Indoor Events
See details in Trips section below.

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Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

8 . 22 . 2021

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 The State of the Club

is Corn Roast

Corn Roast
This Sunday, August 29
Hudson Mills Metropark
8801 North Territorial Road
Rivergrove Picnic Shelter
1 - 5 PM

Download, print, and share our Corn Roast Flyer.

Super Important !!

Pick a Corn Roast job and slot at Signup Genius.

How to Sign Up for a Ski Trip

The process for signing up for a 2022 Ski trip begins at the Corn Roast and is documented here.

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GMs at New Location This Year

The General Meeting schedule has been announced.  GMs will be held at a new location.


Around Town


On Sunday

Weekly Trail Events  

Bikes and Brews on the Lakeland TrailWed 2 PM
Dexter Monday Meetup,  Mon 2 PM   

Flag Can Be Purchased at Our Store



Covid Vaccine Mandated

Stay Safe -- Be Safe

We are all well aware of the re-emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic in the form of local outbreaks among both unvaccinated and vaccinated people.   

The Delta variant is driving a fourth infection spike stressing healthcare systems and putting certain individuals at higher risk.

Because of the new higher infection rates and in response to member queries the Board of Directors voted unanimously on Monday 16-Aug to require Coronavirus vaccines for next year's ski trips and other trips and club-hosted meetings that include time spent inside close together.

The club will require proof of vaccination for these vaccination-required events.

All club trip announcements, flyers, and contracts have been updated with instructions on how to comply.

The BOD recognizes the risks during this time of rising infection rates for members spending hours together traveling, sleeping, and eating in close quarters.   

The BOD is taking and will continue to take steps to mitigate that risk.  The BOD follows the advice of public health officials, including the CDC.

We Aren't the Only Ones

Outside Events Can Be Different

The club is not requiring a vaccine for the September Pedal & Pour Bike Trip or Corn Roast.

  • These events are safely outside
  • Members travel to Traverse City and Huron Metropark in car pools of pandemic cohorts, i.e. you know each other well.
  • The Friday P&P reception may get redesigned.  Watch for news on that.

Generally speaking club outdoor events will not require vaccines or masks.  But, please be familiar with Covid best practices for your sake and the sake of your friends.

If you have the sniffles, vaccine or not, stay home!

New Contract Text

I have read, and I accept fully the Event Policies and Responsibilities on the second page of the Contract to Participate, including but not limited to: full COVID vaccinations, liability, payments, refunds and cancellation. I understand that I may receive an additional copy of said policy upon request.  I understand that membership in the Ann Arbor Ski Club, for the year in which this event is to take place, is required to participate in this event.  I agree I will be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus as recommended by the CDC & that I will provide a vaccination card for review by the trip leaders as set forth in the AASC “Event Policies and Participant Responsibilities.”  All travelers are responsible for meeting AASC, government, and airline requirements for travel.

Photo Credit: Liz Perri


Tips and Member News

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Members who log into our Internet server-- You should, it's pretty cool-- may see the message above.  It means your profile hasn't been updated with the new expiration date. 

Please ignore this message until April 30, 2022.

If you were a paid-up member on 30-APR-2020 you are still a paid up member until 1-MAY-2022.  Due to the pandemic the BOD extended the membership year.

If you were not a member then, but want to be one now, you have to pay a fee.  Here is more information on joining.

Don't Send Money!

Eventually all member profiles will be updated with the new expiration date so the renewal process can work starting May 1.  It's a long tedious process for 300 plus profiles.

Our Documents folder got restored.

New updated versions of the contracts and flyers are available.  Find them via the Event Calendar Pages.

Corn Roast - This Sunday, August 29
Hudson Mills Metropark, 8801 North Territorial Road
Rivergrove Picnic Shelter
1 - 5 PM



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