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Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

8 . 15 . 2021

Club's Document Folder is Still Lost

A service request was filed with Wild Apricot on 8-AUG.  Due to Covid, response time is not good.   Other than an automated reply we have had zero response.   The Communications team will start rebuilding the Documents folder from various sources tomorrow afternoon if we still haven't heard from them by noon tomorrow.

In the meantime if you need a trip flyer or contract then contact a trip leader.

Two files have been uploaded to our server into a temporary location.

Peninsula & Pour 21 Flyer and Contract
Corn Roast Downloadable Flyer

Use these links for the time being.

Content links work for some browsers.  Old-school scrolling works everywhere.

A Chilly May Day at Cuyahoga

State of the Club

Download, print, and share our Corn Roast Flyer.

Pick a Corn Roast job and slot at Signup Genius.

General Meetings Hall Selected

A meeting hall has been selected for the 2021-2022 General Meetings. 

It is not Cobblestone.

More information in the next eBlast.

Don't Send Money!

If you were a paid-up member on 30-APR-2020 you are still a paid up member until 1-MAY-2022.  Due to the pandemic the A2SC Board of Directors extended the membership year twice.

If you were not a member then, but want to be one now, you will have to pay the new member annual fee of $20.  Here is more information on joining.

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Ignore This Message

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Members who log into our Internet server-- You should, it's pretty cool-- may see the message above.  If so it means your profile hasn't been updated with the new expiration date. 

You can ignore this message that appears in the lower right corner of your browser after logging into our Internet server.

Or, you can request that your profile be updated.  Alas,  it takes an administrator about 10 clicks to update a member expiration date, so we've been doing them a little at a time and just for the members who log in, which you should do because it's pretty cool!

But, eventually (by April 2022) all member profiles will be updated with the new expiration date so the renewal process can work starting May 1.

Around Town

Flag Can Be Purchased at Our Store

Terrace Inn 2020, Photo Credit: J. Forth



Photo Credit: Wayne Nowicki


Corn Roast 2019

Photo Credit: Dennis Slough

Seven hundred twenty one days ago.


Tips and Member News

Canada reopened its borders to the United States last week. Here's what to know before you make your way across the river.

American vs. Canadian English

Brief Guide

Canadian Border has Reopened to US Travelers

Lane Hotchkiss, A2SC Ski Trip Coordinator

Regarding Big Sky we're waiting for similar information from our travel agent partner.

The EPIC pass is currently on sale at a really nice price. 

This is a pass that can be used on two of the club’s Western trips – Whistler and Park City—as well as at our own Mount Brighton.

A good deal on an EPIC pass can be found online right now.  The price as of this notice is $583, but it will likely go up as we approach Labor Day.

If you don’t purchase your own pass online and you sign up for one of our Western EPIC trips the passes purchased for Whistler and Park City are $549 and $766 respectively.

Several things to note:

  • an EPIC pass bought online is non-refundable, even if a trip is canceled.
  • the EPIC passes provided through our A2SC ski trip packages CANNOT be used at any other EPIC resort.
  • the price quoted at $583 above may go up at any time – especially right before Labor Day.



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