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Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

Ann Arbor Ski Club Weekly Newsletter

8 . 8 . 2021

Club's Document Folder is Lost

Technical difficulties at our web site may prevent you from accessing files.

In particular flyers, contracts, and other club documents. 

A service call has been filed with Personify (Wild Apricot) to correct this error.  Due to Covid, response time is not as good as before.   Our team will expedite where possible.   I estimate our file service will get repaired on about Tuesday.

In the meantime two files have been uploaded to our server into a temporary location.

Peninsula & Pour 21 Flyer and Contract
Corn Roast Downloadable Flyer

Use these links for the time being.

If by week's end we still don't have the document portion of our file service restored we will use this same process to bring back trip flyers and contracts that are vital for members signing up at the Corn Roast.

Content links work for some browsers.  Old-school scrolling works everywhere.

State of the Club

Blast Me!

As of today the eBlast is back on a weekly schedule.

Gust Symbol

Download, print, and share our Corn Roast Flyer.

(See above.)

2022 Ski Trip Flyers and Contracts are now online and are accessed through each event's page on our calendar.

(Once our file server is fixed.)

Around Town

Often at Night-on-the-Town events, especially at crowded festivals we use a ski pole pennant to identify our table.

Flag Can Be Purchased at Our Store


It's Time!

The deadline for signing up for the Peninsula Pedal 'n Pour is Tuesday.   

T.w.o.  d.a.y.s!!   

There are rooms available for double occupancy, or single. 

It's our first trip post-pandemic and a perennially popular one. 

Don't miss out.

Megaphone Smiley

Live Every Day Like it's Taco Tuesday


Get Your Application Here.

Before Tuesday!



Tips and Member News

When midnight strikes on Aug. 9, Canada will reopen its borders to the United States. Here's what to know before you make your way across the river.

American vs. Canadian English

Brief Guide

Canadian Border is Reopening to US Travelers

Lane Hotchkiss, A2SC Ski Trip Coordinator

Regarding Big Sky we're waiting for similar information from our travel agent partner.



  1. of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an epic poem
  2. extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size

Lane, who never stops working with our travel agent partners on our scheduled ski trips has learned that the EPIC pass is currently on sale at a really nice price. 

This is a pass that can be used on two of the club’s Western trips – Whistler and Park City—as well as at our own Mount Brighton.

A good deal on an EPIC pass can be found online right now.  The price as of this notice is $583, but it will likely go up as we approach Labor Day.

If you don’t purchase your own pass online and you sign up for one of our Western EPIC trips the passes purchased for Whistler and Park City are $549 and $766 respectively.

Several things to note:

  • an EPIC pass bought online is non-refundable, even if a trip is canceled.
  • the EPIC passes provided through our A2SC ski trip packages CANNOT be used at any other EPIC resort.
  • the price quoted at $583 above may go up at any time – especially right before Labor Day.



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