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5 . 5 . 2021

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State of the Club

Trips are getting approved.   

The Board of Directors has approved four A2SC led trips for the 2022 ski season and will support WSTC's cross-country trip to Munising in March 2022 as well.  (The Terrace Inn trip in February is partially approved-- Dates and Leader are known.)

The most recent trip approved is the 2022 Instructional to be held again at Schuss/Shanty Creek in early January.  It will be led by Greg Robertson.

New eBlast publishing schedule and bad links fixed.

The Communications team has decided to take a step back toward normalcy and publish the club newsletter twice a month on the 5th and 20th.

We're looking at 5 to 20 around here.

And, the last couple issues had a large number of bad links.  Your editor had to relearn a couple lessons on how to cut and paste successfully.

Don't be afraid to try those links again!

Rapid Round-up Reminders

2022 Ski Trips at a Glance

Click here for updated flyer.

Corn Roast 2021 -- It's Official

A Corn Roast was approved for Sunday August 29 to be held at Hudson Mills Metropark.

Membership Year Extended

The BOD extended the membership year by an additional 12 months.  Therefore existing memberships are automatically extended until 04-30-2022.

Any NEW person wishing to join the club before that time must pay $20 dues

Annual Business Meeting Delayed

The annual business meeting/election is delayed until March 2022.  All board positions and officers of the Ann Arbor Ski Club are extended until the next annual business meeting, per the A2SC constitution.

No PayPal For Now

The club has stopped accepting online payments.   Checks or cash only.

General Meetings to Restart in September

Mt. Brighton will be used again for the February and March 2022 General Meetings. 

Otherwise, 2021-2022 General Meetings are planned—one for each month between September and March and two in April 2022 (Elections and Aloha), but we don’t know where. 

Cobblestone is not yet accepting reservations.

Who's Who - 2021

Normally we start our new year in May with the expectation that everyone who wants will rejoin by or at the Corn Roast.  Also, May in most years is the month that this year's elected officers and Board get started taking over where the previous team (often the same team) left off.

With a slight modification this had been our routine for over 65 years until a once in 100-year pandemic changed all that.

We once started the new year at the Corn Roast and sold a special Summer membership.  Recently we dropped the Summer membership and moved the new year beginning to May 1.

Because the BOD had to postpone the club's Annual Meeting due to the health crisis twice we're starting the third year, per the club's bylaws, with the same officers and Board of Directors.

Many readers know the team well, but for those still getting acquainted here are some of the players.

Greg Robertson

Greg Robertson, President and Schuss/Shanty 2022 Trip Leader

Donna Sagonowsky

Donna Sagonowsky, Vice President,  Ski Trips, Rewards, & Communications Committees member, also frequent trip leader.

Lane Hotchkiss

Lane Hotchkiss, Trips Committee Chair and a 2022 co-leader to Big Sky and Park City

Nancy Marcotte

Nancy Marcotte, Membership Chair

Lisa Salisbury

Lisa Salisbury, Rewards Administrator

Alan Osterdale

Alan Osterdale, Chairmen to Activities and Alpine Racing committees

Kathy Homiak, Member of Events Committee and Frequent Event Host

Joe Knopp, Alternative Trips Committee Chair and co-leader of the September Peninsula Pedal & Pour Bike Trip ;^)

Above are the volunteers who are also Directors on the Board.  Below are a couple more of the over 100 volunteers that help run this club... when we're not having a pandemic.  To recall what a normal year looks like check back on 2019.

Carol Metty, 2022 Co-leader to Big Sky (and former club Treasurer)

Dennis Slough, Communications Coordinator-- eBlast editor and website manager

John RuthvenSki Trip Committee Member and Co-leader of Whistler 2022 trip.

Irene Ruthven, Ski Trip Committee Member and Co-leader of Whistler 2022 trip.

A look back at normal.

We can get kind of busy, right?


Around Town

This Month is Cancelled!


Thanks Donna!

Formal scheduled events are still a ways out.  Stay safe!



The Fast Lane
Comments from our leadership on the 2022 ski trip season.

The Ski Trip Committee created a poster describing our next ski season.  They'll keep updating this poster as more details come in.

Prices  Across the Board Increased

Trip prices are increasing quite a bit in 2022 over our 2020 trips.

Air, lift tickets, and lodging all went up.

For example, with Big Sky the trip airfare went up $149, lift tickets $112, and housing $72 for a total increase of $333.   A 16% increase over our last pre-pandemic quote.

Happy Hog

Ski Lift Tickets

Whistler and Park City are EPIC resorts.  Big Sky is IKON.

The trip costs we've published may change as a new travel industry supporting snow sports evolves post-pandemic. 

The big players have changed how people buy lift passes.  Multi-resort passes such as Epic and IKON are becoming the only way-- though each system has multiple offers from which to choose so it's vital to do your research.

After the latest price restructuring we are finding it hardly ever makes sense to buy a 5-day pass to a resort like we used to offer on club trips.  An Epic or IKON pass has become the only choice.

Note: all advance purchase of EPIC and IKON season passes are non-refundable.



Member News & Tips

UP-SNUBBED again!  This time by U.S. Census Bureau.  - From FREEP

Learn about the monster among us.

240-pound sturgeon caught in Detroit River among biggest ever recorded in US  -- Another FREEP

The Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission is interested in your thoughts about your experiences on the Border to Border Trail (B2B).

Include your contact information if you would like to be entered to win a B2B trucker hat!

Take the survey.

Who Are We?

We have a Facebook public group page where members and friends are invited to join in posting and following each other's news and requests. 

This is how that portion of our club, which looks somewhat like our "regular" membership, breaks down like along age and gender lines.

Tom Mark

Switzerland, February 2020

Photo Credit: Cheryl Anderson



Rewards Program

National Park Service App

Follow up on some of our partners in the snow sports industry here.


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