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3 . 15 . 2021

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Alta, Utah --  March 2021

Photo Credit: Ken Shannon

State of the Club

The Board of Directors Held a Meeting on 4-FEB

Two 2022 Trips Approved

Whistler and Park City were approved, but it's too early to announce pricing.  The Ski Trip Committee anticipates costs will firm up around late April.

Lane Hotchkiss reported that travel agencies are making it more difficult to cancel trips and the lodging portion of the trip has evolved toward earlier commitments. 

That is, they're offering the best prices months earlier than before, forcing earlier decisions on lodging when resorts and airlines haven’t established their prices.  Coupled with cancellation penalties it’s complicating our planning and approval process.  Trips are designed with well understood back-out dates.  It has become necessary for the club to assume more risks in order to put together an affordable season.  Fortunately we have the reserves to allow that.

Another BOD meeting has been scheduled for 25-MAR with the aim of approving more 2021-2022 ski trips.

It's Official!  Corn Roast 2021 Was Approved

A Corn Roast was approved for Sunday August 29, to be held at the Hudson Mills Grove shelter where we’ve been meeting for the last several years.   Michigan has recently increased the size of crowds allowed from 100 to 300.   It’s possible there will be no limit in August.

Extended Membership

The board voted to once again extend the membership year by an additional 12 months.  Therefore existing memberships are automatically extended until 04-30-2022.

Any NEW person wishing to join the club before that time must pay $20 dues.   (See sidebar on not accepting online payments.)

Annual Business Meeting Delayed Again

The annual business meeting/election is delayed until March 2022.  All board positions and officers of the Ann Arbor Ski Club are extended until the next annual business meeting, per the A2SC constitution.

No PayPal No More

The club has stopped accepting online payments.  For now we're going Old School and only accepting checks through the mail or tender given at a meeting... someday.

Stuff is going into the Calendar.  Wow!

Lane Hotchkiss is our ski trips coordinator.

General Meetings to Restart in September

Cobblestone is not yet taking reservations, even for Fall 2021, so a perennial argument—stay at Cobblestone vs. Some-Place-New—has a new twist, i.e. for the time being Some-Place-New wins.  

Mt. Brighton will be used again for the February and March 2022 General Meetings.  Otherwise, 2021-2022 General Meetings are planned—one for each month between September and March and two in April 2022 (Elections and Aloha), but we don’t know where for most of them and it’s a little hard to settle on dates until we know where we’re going.


Around Town

This Month is Cancelled!


Photo Credit: Sue Squire

Formal scheduled events are still a ways out.  Stay safe!



Alan Osterdale

Alan, who serves as a Director on the Board, is also the Activities Coordinator.  And, he leads the Competitive Skiing Committee.

Season Completed

A virtual awards banquet will be held on 16-MAR.

For more information on the banquet and race results visit the Michigan Alpine Competitive Council web page.



Except where noted these trips are tentative.  The team is still gathering more information to gain BOD approval.


Sep 10 Pedal & Pour Bike Trip   BOD Approved



Undergound Skiing!  What will they think of next?

Photo Credit: Ken Shannon


Member News & Tips

The Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative

Below are a few paragraphs extracted from their newsletter regarding the B2B.

From our friends at the HWPI a request for some help.
See their message below.

Guest Instagram Hosts Wanted!

Are you on Instagram and love the B2B Trail?

Four Pictures * Seven Days

We are looking for help from a few amazing members of our B2B Trail community to share photos and experiences with the @hpwathways Instagram community during our #takeovers this upcoming year!

Our goal is to share all of the wonderful things that Border to Border Trail has to offer with people, just like you, who like to get out and adventure locally on trails. We would love to hear from outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds and points of view. Children (with the help of their caregivers) and pets (with the help of their humans) are welcome!

Posts could include gorgeous views on the trail, your story as you achieve physical goals on the trail or fun family photos from your last year of trail adventures.

How it works:

  • Instagram takeovers last one week
  • A minimum of four posts including one introductory post are required
  • Participants selected as guest hosts will receive a B2B Trail trucker hat as a thank you!

Interested? Please take a moment to complete the short form below to let us know!

Click Here to Sign Up!

Kristin Warzyniec will be in touch with you to give you more details and answer your questions.

A New Way to Get Cold!

If the goal for the Park Service is to offer visitors a one-stop shop where they can glean news, alerts, and trail recommendations for all of its 423 units, then this app is already crushing it.

From Outside magazine.

The National Park Service App is the brand new official app for all 420+ national parks. 

The product, simply titled National Park Service, is available for free on Android and Apple and boasts a staggering number of features, like accessibility information, lodging reservations, hike suggestions, audio tours, restaurant hours, and, perhaps most important, maps available to download for offline use.

From Dell Purse Book, Mixing and Serving Drinks

Bar hints:

  • prevent precious liquor and wine from dripping by rubbing the edge of their bottles with waxed paper;
  • when mixing a drink, always start with the less expensive ingredients—if you should err, you can begin again with minimum loss;
  • use salted water, not soap, to wash beer glasses (soap film may cause beer to go flat);
  • always use freshly-made ice cubes—old cubes may have an unpleasant “icebox taste.”

Icebox taste!   And, all this time I thought I was choking down crappy Martinis because of my bottom-shelf gin.

1963 edition

It expands by 10,000 times in a fraction of a second, it’s 100,000 times softer than Jell-O, and it fends off sharks and Priuses alike.  

Behind a paywall at The Atlantic, but if you haven’t exhausted your free reads it’s worth it.

Cheryl Morris got up north!

New obstacle course for skiers.

Nancy and Betty not sitting in hot water in Steamboat, Colorado.



Restaurants and Lodging, They Have a Plan

The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Industry has produced guidelines on how to operate safely.

Rewards Program

Don't Take Tylenol and Advil Near Time of Vaccination

Fever-reducing is the problem.  Read more here.

Thanks for the tip Janet Jalia Mashni.

Follow up on some of our partners in the snow sports industry here.

Travel Advice from the CDC

  "This page is about travel that is different from your everyday activities. [That is, travel that is] away from your local community."


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