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8 . 16 . 2020

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A2SC Does Hudson Mills

August 2019

Photo Credit: Dennis Slough


State of the Club

The Ann Arbor Ski Club
has suspended all club activities
(except virtual ones)
until further notice.

Latest COVID information from the State of Michigan

Still No Approved  2020-2021 Ski Trips

The BOD  met on July 23.

Ski Trip Coordinator Lane Hotchkiss reported on his in-depth conversation with one of our longtime travel agents.

  • 25% of clubs are entering locked-in contracts
  • 25% of clubs are entering escape-clause contracts
  • 50% aren't scheduling trips

There are NO club sponsored events on our calendar at this time.

Because of the uptick in infections and hospitalizations the Board chose to continue in the current virtual-only status.

Stay Safe

Membership Year Extended AGAIN!

  • The club's Board of Directors elected to extend current memberships until 30-APR-2021.
  • If you want to join the fee is $20.



End of year moved to next April

66th Annual Corn Roast

There's good news and bad news.
  • Good: We don't need you to find us Corn Roast volunteers this year.
  • Bad: For the first time in 65 years there will be no Corn Roast.


But, I can see it.  It's right there.

El Corn-ado!

It doesn't exist old timer.

A2SC has NOT reserved space at Cobblestone for General Meetings in 2020 - 2021.


Stay Safe


Trips !


ALL trips are cancelled.

Trip Leader Joe Knopp sent a message to members signed up for this trip.  It started with;  

It’s with great disappointment that I write to all of you to tell you we’ve decided to cancel this year’s trip.  

Stay Home!

If you signed up and sent a check it will either be destroyed or voided and returned by mail to you.  Let Joe or Bonnie know which you prefer.  The default is to have the check destroyed.


Around Town

This Month is Cancelled!

Not-Now-Kapow !

Is my lens bothering you?

Coronavirus Page

at the National Center for Disease Control (CDC).

They have a self-checker.


Member News & Tips

Rear entry boots are back.  They're getting debated over on Facebook.  Thanks for the tip Cheryl Morris.

Bald Eagles are back!

America's iconic national bird, the bald eagle, has made an impressive comeback from its days as an endangered species. But its leading threats remain rooted in human activity, the most comprehensive study ever of bald eagle mortality in Michigan finds.

The study, published in April in The Journal of Wildlife Management, recommends moving road-killed animal carcasses to the far edge of rights of way, and a further transition from lead ammunition and fishing tackle to nontoxic alternatives.

Anyone encountering a dead or injured bald eagle is asked to call the Michigan DNR's Wildlife Division at 517-284-9453 or by email a


Restaurants and Lodging, They Have a Plan

The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Industry has produced guidelines on how to operate safely.

The Snow Sports Industry

Would you like to revisit one of those Snow Sports Industry websites described in a recent eBlast?  You can find them here.

Travel Advice from the CDC

  "This page is about travel that is different from your everyday activities. [That is, travel that is] away from your local community."


Photo Credit: Dennis Slough

Big Foot photo-bombs Cute Couple shot.

Jeff and Linda Schroeder with Bob Hughes



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