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5 . 10 . 2020

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Even More Stuff Dropped

We used to be good at this stuff.
Many of you already know that the Ann Arbor Summer Festival dropped one of the club's favorite warm weather activities this year-- Top of the Park-- plus other elements of the festival.  And, there won't be an Ann Arbor Art Fair this year.  Details below.

State of the Club

The Ann Arbor Ski Club
has suspended all club activities
(except virtual ones)
until further notice.

Latest COVID information from the State of Michigan

BOD Votes Down  2020-2021 Ski Trips

...For Now

The Board of Directors made the difficult decision this week to not approve trips proposed by the Ski Trips Committee.  The BOD was forced to make this decision as they considered the risk of depositing funds with travel agencies as we normally do at this time of year.

The Committee, led by Lane Hotchkiss with support from Irene Ruthven, Carol Metty, and Greg Robertson, prepared plans for a typical slate of trips Out West and Up North.  And, they did their best to negotiate a safer option for the club than risking our funds with companies that might go out of business due to the pandemic.  Despite their efforts it didn't work out.

Former and Future Trip Leader

Irene Ruthven

She was going to lead a trip!

Former and Future Trip Leader

Carol Metty

She was going to lead a trip!

But, They Haven't Give Up Yet

They plan on revisiting the issue in August or September when we'll be closer to prospective travel dates. And, we'll be further along in the world's response to the Covid pandemic.

The Trip Planning Committee and BOD still hope to put together a Schuss Instructional trip, one to Terrace Inn, and one or more Out West.

Membership Year Extended

  • The club's Board of Directors elected to extend current memberships until 31-AUG-2020.
  • The membership fee for the 2020 - 2021 season has not been set.
  • Membership renewal will not begin until after 1-AUG-2020.

Next August



Trips !

The September bike trip is still on our calendar, but is not open for sign-ups.  The May bike trip has been cancelled.   Ski Trip's are on hold until late Summer or early Fall.

Cuyahoga Cancelled

Waterfall Pullout

Spring Bike Trip to a Great Lakes National Park
Hosted by: Greg Robertson

It's still too early to resume group travel.

  The BOD made the difficult decision to cancel the Cuyahoga Bike Trip.

Be safe.

Bayshore Resort

Up North  Late Summer Weekend Bike Trip
Hosted by:  Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

Joe Knopp is also on the Board and is Chairman of the Alternative Trips Committee


Around Town

Not-Now-Kapow !

This Month is Cancelled!
Sigh, someday

Back to the Future!

Coronavirus Page

at the National Center for Disease Control (CDC).

They have a self-checker.


Member News & Tips

TOP Stopped

A2SF made this announcement last week.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel both the traditional Top of the Park series and the indoor ticketed performances, scheduled for June 12 – July 5.

The Festival plans to present new, adapted activities this summer including digital offerings, collaborative art projects, and live music reimagined. We have envisioned plans for various environments, and look forward to presenting as many of them as possible.

Sign up for our enews list for the latest announcements and program offerings.

There's more at the link.


The leaders of the four fairs, after consulting the city, announced cancellation of this year's A2 Art Fair.

It is with heavy hearts that the Directors of the four individual Ann Arbor Art Fairs come together to announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Ann Arbor Art Fair.

This was an extremely difficult decision, as we know how deeply this impacts the participating artists, local businesses and the broader Ann Arbor community.

We invite you to join us once again as downtown Ann Arbor transforms into an art lovers paradise the third week of July 2021!

There's more at the link.

Do You Log In?

...to our web server

If you do you will see a small pop-up window telling you that your membership expired.

But, it hasn't really.  The BOD extended membership until the end of August.  So, why the pop-up?

The club's webmaster turned off the renewal mechanism that causes email reminders to be sent, but for logins the system reads your profile and finds a renewal date of May 1, therefore it pops up that message.

The solution, of course, is for an admin to update everybody's profile renewal date field.  Perhaps that will get done before August 1.  We're 325 strong so that's a lot of updating!

There is a way to mass update, but it requires a couple procedures we haven't done since day one of this server six years ago.  We're studying.

Mike Fry

A webmaster of a different type.

Happy Day to all you Moms!

And, to all the people who love them.

Momz Rool


Now We're Flying!

Back in my day!

People were allowed to visit their moms

Photo Credit: Lance Burghardt


Ends & Odds

Photo Contest

... is still gestating.  Feel free to add your gest here.

More info next week

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