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4 . 19 . 2020

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Don't Try This at Home

Thank You Mary Lacey...
for my nightmares. 

State of the Club

The Ann Arbor Ski Club
has suspended all club activities
(except virtual ones)
until further notice.

Latest COVID information from the State of Michigan

Membership Year Extended

The club's Board of Directors elected to extend current memberships until 31-AUG-2020.

The membership fee for the 2020 - 2021 season has not been set.

Membership renewal will not begin until after 1-AUG-2020.

The April 23rd General Meeting at Cobblestone Farm is cancelled.

Cobblestone has further indicated they are not taking reservations for May.

Ski Trips Committee Up and Running

Lane Hotchkiss, once again chairing the Ski Trip Committee, has begun plotting next winter's Up North and Out West trips. 

Lane tells us that his travel agent counterparts are reporting to him they're working with other clubs per usual despite the current COVID crisis.

Cancelled Trip Reimbursements

Lane is working with Sports America, the agency that helped set up the Ogden trip, to claim our reimbursements. 

All charges by the agency, except airfare will be reversed leading to reimbursements for;  hotel, ground transportation, and lift tickets.

It's not clear yet how Southwest will handle the cancelled flight.  Sports America is still working the issue.   

Note, both ski resorts, and all other resorts in the Central Rockies, closed prior to our Ogden trip departure.

Still Not Far Enough Away!  ;^)

Bob Hughes Social Distancing Before it Was Cool.


Cyber-sorry.  Our system erroneously sent a renew-your-membership email last week.  It was a MITSAKE!!!

BTW, we hope you got the message.  Ignore that call to renew your membership.  It's good until September.

We will never speak of this again.

Communications Chair, Dennis Slough

Guy who probably screwed up...

...like last time.

No Worries

Nancy Marcotte, Membership Committee Chair has committed to taking care of the 5 or so members who didn't get the message and renewed.
Nancy Marcotte, Membership Chair

I got this.


Trips !

The following trips are planned for when life gets back to normal.  When;

  • the COVID lock-down is lifted
  • public health authorities have given the all clear for people to meet in groups 

At that time these trips will open for sign-ups.  Be safe.

Niagara Escarpment Waterfall

Spring Bike Trip to a Great Lakes National Park
Hosted by: Greg Robertson

Thomas Meets a Skier

Greg Robertson, Board Member, Trip Leader, and President

The CUVA trip flyer and contract hasn't been published yet.

You can read last year's version.

Bayshore Resort

Up North  Late Summer Weekend Bike Trip
Hosted by:  Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

Joe Knopp

Joe Knopp is also on the Board and is Chairman of the Alternative Trips Committee


Around Town

Not-Now-Kapow !

This Month is Cancelled!
Mt. Brighton General Meeting - Feb

Last Known Ski Club Gathering in Michigan

Coronavirus Page

at the National Center for Disease Control (CDC).

They have a self-checker.

Sanitize it first!

Hug a tree Annie.  It's Arbor week.


Member News & Tips

Face Masks For Sale

Alan Osterdale, Chairman of the Events & Activities Planning Committee, sent in this tip...

Not only is Peak Ski and Sports selling their usual wares -- online only-- they're also where you can go (online) to buy face masks.

Thanks for the tip, Alan.

Elk Poop on Every Sidewalk

[ Warning! Scatological Humor Ahead.  Not Meant For Grown Men's Ears.  Get Ready to Hold Your Lunch Boys! ]

Colleen Doran files this nugget via our Facebook Group page.

It's only April and Colleen is already deeply favored to win the A2SC eBlast Scoop of the Year award.

Way to pile it on, Colleen!

There's Still the Old Fashioned Way to Get Hurt - Be Careful!

Lane Hotchkiss shares this unfortunate news ...

Jan Hotchkiss is rehabilitating after a biking accident.

She crashed while avoiding a child’s sudden rush into the street.

Once recovery is complete in about 4 months, and we’re no longer social distancing, look for Jan to focus on walking where some of us are riding, and cross-country skiing wherever there’s snow. 

That downhill thing...
been there,
done that!

She can’t have visitors!  Not even family for the next several weeks.  And, cards and flowers are verboten.

Texts and emails are okay and appreciated.

Marcotte! Stop Touching Your Face.

Back in my day!


Ends & Odds

Photo Contest

... is still gestating.  Feel free to add your gest here.

More info next week

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