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March 15, 2020
Come Ski With Us!

Corona - cough - Virus

Hey! A little social distance please!

Listen Up You

Coronavirus is real.  And, it's bad.  More bad for some of your friends than you.  Our greatest risk is overwhelming the health care system.  We're under-infra-structured for Pandemics.  The trick in our situation is to stretch out infections such that the pipeline can handle it.  That means Social Distancing members of the herd.

That's the opposite of what the Ann Arbor Ski Club is about.

  1. #@^%&  It !!
  2. That really   *&!~}@s
  3. Social      #@$%^&ing    Distancing!

Social Distance Yourselves...

...For Awhile
at your discretion
wash your hands
and stop all that
face touching!


  • Mt. Brighton General Meeting
  • Euchre Night
  • Utah Ski Trip


  • Annual Meeting

Vulnerable Member of the Herd

Boo Moo

The Aloha General Meeting is still scheduled for April 23rd.

Bike Trips 2020

Spring Trip
to a
Great Lakes National Park
May 29 - 31

Hosted by:
Greg Robertson

Up North Michigan
late summer weekend
Sep 18 - 20

Hosted by:
Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

Two-wheeled Summer Skiing

Both trips will open for sign-ups when we start meeting again in April, TBD.

Thomas Meets a Skier

Around Town

You stay over there!  Air bump!

This Month is Cancelled!

Thu Mar 19 General Mtg @ Mt. Brighton
Fri Mar 20 Euchre Friday
Thu Mar 26 Maiz and You Happy Hour (wait and see for now)


Photo Credit: Nancy Marcotte

2020 Annual Meeting

Postponed -- Date TBD


Cobblestone Farm has closed their facility through April 5th, cancelling our reservation for Thursday April 2nd, the night of the Annual Meeting

This is part of the city's response to the Coronavirus PandemicA2SC supports Cobblestone, Ann Arbor, and the entire effort to slow the spread of this deadly disease so our health care community will always have the resources to deal with new patients.

The Aloha General Meeting is still scheduled
for April 23rd.

Breckenridge 2020

Let me catch my breath!

Top of Imperial Express - highest lift service in North America. Elevation 12,840 ft.

Photo Credit: Donna Sagonowsky

Odds & Ends

A2SC By The Numbers

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eBlast Distribution   867
Facebook              457
Meetup               1505
Rewards Participants  106

Recognition and Rewards Program

Guide to Using

An introduction to the features of our web server, includes intro video.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our resident WA guru.

Meet Your Need for Speed

Season's results are here.

Next Year's President

The Nominating Committee collected suggestions for President.  All four nominees declined.

The club has a solution for this situation.

A provision in the Bylaws says that when there are no candidates for President the position will be filled from among Board members in a vote by Board members at the first Board meeting after the Annual Meeting.

Outgoing President Greg Robertson has indicated that he is willing to go another year.  But, first a new BOD will be elected if the club forms a quorum at the Annual Meeting.

Forty-nine members (15% of 325) is a quorum.

We're still collecting nominations for the Board.  See the Nominating Committee special eBlast here.

We Can Do It

Virtual   A2SC

Some known ways to be socially distant and socially close at the same time.

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