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March 8, 2020
Come Ski With Us!

Bike Trips 2020

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

May 29 - 31

Just approved.  Details coming soon.

Up North Michigan
late summer weekend,
Leelanau Peninsula,
a battalion of fun friends
on bikes!

Hosted by:

Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

Both trips will open for sign-ups at the

Annual Meeting on April 2nd.

Around Town

2020 Annual Meeting

Thursday April 2
Cobblestone Farm

Up North and Out West Ski Trips

We Already Know the Next President!
(A Board Member will fulfill that role in 2020 - 2021)

Four-way Declination

The Nominating Committee collected suggestions for President.  All nominees declined.

The club has a solution for this situation.

A provision in the Bylaws says that when there are no candidates for President the position will be filled from among Board members in a vote by Board members at the first Board meeting after the Annual Meeting.

It's rigged!
Nobody puts in more extremely heavy complicated product hours of very arduous work more than me!  You see what I'm saying?!

It turns out all nominees were simultaneously enrolled in the Ann Arbor Ski Club Beauty Pageant and each cited the extremely very many long arduous complicated
product-heavy hours
of work involved in preparing for that contest.

Good Luck!

We're still collecting nominations for the Board.  See the Nominating Committee special eBlast here.

The Ann Arbor Ski Club Beauty Pageant is not a real thing.

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