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February 23, 2020
Come Ski With Us!

Go Blue!

Beaver Creek

Around Town

Right Now Kapow!

Fri Feb 28 Euchre Friday!

I am Sparti-plus

We're over 300 strong!

325 active members

Read the Nominating Committee's Special eBlast here.

Nominations for President must be submitted a minimum 35 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.

That's Thursday February 27.

Credit: Susan Brown

The 2020 Annual Meeting

April 2
Cobblestone Farm

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for Directors on the Board and President.

Note! Greg Robertson is nearing the end of his second consecutive term and is prevented from running again.

Big shoes to fill, but we're over 300 strong!  There must be somebody around here with feet that big!!

Think of every member with whom you've had a perfect phone call [and who have big feet] and consider nominating them by
February 27, a Thursday!

Up North and Out West Ski Trips

Ski Racing

Meet Your Need for Speed

See race results here.


A2SC participates in MACC races held at Boyne Mountain. 

There were two meets in January, two in February, and a final meet will be held in March.

 Next up: Mar 6

Another Look at Davos


Photo Credit: Cheryl Anderson

Odds and Ends

A2SC By The Numbers

Full Benefit          325
eBlast Distribution   865
Facebook              446
Meetup               1489
Rewards Participants  106

Boyne Mountain

Photo Credit: Jeff Forth

Guide to Using

This is a generic Wild Apricot help file that introduces the features of our web server and how to use them.  They also have an intro video at the link.

A2SC does not use all of the features documented here. Or, sometimes we use them uniquely.  We don't take donations, but we use the donations system to record volunteer efforts.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our resident WA guru.

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