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February 16, 2020
Come Ski With Us!

Skiing is Happening!

Davos, Switzerland
Cred. Susan Brown

Around Town

Right Now Kapow!

Ore Creek Entrance

Next General Meeting

at Mt. Brighton


Some People Are Saying


...on joining the 4 PM crowd before the Mt. Brighton General Meeting to get in on some home-slope skiing.  Details at the link.

And, the meeting will be held in the Ore Creek Mountain Grill!


Over 300 Strong!

We're over 300 strong!

Credit: Susan Brown

The 2020 Annual Meeting

April 2
Cobblestone Farm

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for Directors on the Board and President.

Note! Greg Robertson is nearing the end of his second consecutive term and is prevented from running again.

Big shoes to fill, but we're over 300 strong!  There must be somebody around here with feet that big!!

Nominations for President must be submitted a minimum 35 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.  That's Thursday February 27.  Please submit your nominations as soon as possible and before this date.

Nominations for Director on the Board are being accepted and may be accepted up to and including on the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Details on the nominating and election process, and on the club's Annual meeting, can be found in our governing document; here.

Up North and Out West Ski Trips

Ski Racing

Meet Your Need for Speed

See race results here.


A2SC participates in MACC races held at Boyne Mountain. 

There were two meets in January, two  will be held in February, and a final meet is held in March.

 Next up: Feb 22 and Mar 6

Wini Widi Wici

Captain Lane

Cred. Susan Brown

Their mountains were no match for our skiers!

A2SC 1, Alps 0

Odds and Ends

A2SC By The Numbers

Full Benefit          322
eBlast Distribution   865
Facebook              446
Meetup               1489
Rewards Participants  106

Guide to Using

This is a generic Wild Apricot help file that introduces the features of our web server and how to use them.  They also have a 10 minute video introduction at the link.


A2SC does not use all of the features documented here. Or, sometimes we use them uniquely.  For example we don't take donations, but we use the donations system to record volunteer efforts.

You'll probably recognize the used and unused bits, but if you have any questions about this stuff that you'd really like answered feel free to contact our resident WA guru.

Chur - oldest city in Switzerland
Elbows and ...

Member Only News

Trader Joe or Jane

Some members recently asked about our
Ski Swap Meeting, as in
"When is it?" 

Well, it turns out we didn't schedule one this year.

But, we do have a For Sale or Rent forum.

This is a new and possibly temporary feature of the club's website. 

If it's useful and popular it will probably stay.  Want to try it out?

Rec & Rew
Does Not Mean Record & Rewind

The Recognition and Rewards committee has produced a report on the program for the Board of Directors.

The overview is published here.

To see your points, or volunteer donations to the club, log into the club's website and view your donations.  It's under your Profile.

And, what is it we do with these points?  (Except brag about how many we've earned.) 

Exchange 'em for stuff in our store; that's what!

Credit: Susan Brown

Since 1954

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