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September 29, 2019

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Cross Country Kick-Off

Not Your Grandfather's Ski Club!  Grandmas?!

  • Terrace Inn  and Black Mountain open for sign-ups
  • Other Still-Open Trips continue to take sign-ups
  • Select vendors will display skis and gear
  • A beginner's cross country skiing video will be presented and accompanied by a discussion on techniques
  • The Washtenaw Ski Touring Club will present their 2019-2020 trips.  Sign-ups for the WSTC trips begin on 20-OCT.  (Their trips will appear on our calendar by the 20th.)
  • Plus Schnacks and Typical Fun

Upcoming Events

Rumors of happy gatherings around town persist.

Dinner & Movie Night
Wed, Oct 2, 5:30 PM
Red Robin & Rave Cinemas, 3797 Carpenter Rd, Ypsi

Fri, Oct 4, 7 PM
LIVE, 102 S 1st St, A2

Hayride & Corn Maze
Fri, Oct 04, 7:30 PM
Coleman's Farm, 12758 Jordan Rd, Saline

General Meeting -- Cross-Country Kick-Off
Thu, Oct 10, 7:30 -- 10:30 PM
Cobblestone Farm, 2781 Packard St, A2

2019-2020 Ski Trips

Breckenridge, Davos, Utah, and The Instructional still have available slots.

Telluride is taking wait-list applications.

Terrace Inn and Black Mountain open for sign-ups at the 10-OCT meeting.

    Trip When  Type  Status
    Schuss/Shanty Jan 10 - 12  D - X  Open
    Telluride Jan 18 - 25 D  Wait-listed
    Terrace Inn Jan 31 - Feb 2  D - X  10-OCT
    Davos Feb 7 - 15  D - X  Open
    Black Mountain  Feb 20 - 22 X  10-OCT
    Breckenridge Mar 7 - 14 D  Open
    Utah Mar 28 - Apr 2  D - X  Open

    Pedalers and Pourers Patiently Posing.   Perfect!

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