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May 6, 2019

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We break the news.

Word is...

...some ski trips are about to blossom, possibly after this week's Board meeting.

Stay tuned!    

Upcoming Events
Burns Park Picnics Are Back!

Two Wheel Monday - Mill Creek Park to Hudson Mills 
Mon, May 6,13,20,27  6:00 PM  Note new time!  Some Come to Walk.
Mill Creek Park North, 8140 Main St, Dexter


State Capitol Tour - Livonia Club Event
Sat, May 18, 2019, 10:30 AM
Capitol Building, 100 North Capitol Ave, Lansing 

Burns Park Picnic
Thu, May 23, 2019, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Burns Park, 1200 Baldwin Ave, Ann Arbor 

Roamin' Happy Hour
Thu, May 30, 2019, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Upcoming Trips

Trip on a click and see where you go!

Bike & Hike Weekend at Cuyahoga  
Cuyahoga Valley National Park 
May 17 - 19

Hosts: Greg Robertson and TBD

Peninsula Pedal 'n Pour Bike Trip   
Bayshore Resort, 833 E Front St, Traverse City, MI
September 13 - 15


Membership Cards Are Online

Download a PDF image of your membership card at any time.

Two cards are available.  One set up for printing, and one optimized for a smartphone.  Download from your profile on our server. 

In addition to displaying your first and last name, the card will list your Member ID, your Member Since and Member Renewal Dates, our logo, and your profile picture. 

Upload a profile pic and download a card. 
(You have to renew first.)

New Year Started

You can still renew old-school style at club meetings including the Corn Roast.

You probably noticed additional club emails at your inbox this week, one invoicing you for 2019-2020 membership dues and another reminding you why you got an invoice.

If you get multiple renewal invoices or invoices after you're paid up we have a problem that needs correction.   It probably means you have multiple contact entries in our database.   If you see this, seek help from our membership chair, Nancy Marcotte.  She'll see that it gets fixed.

On July 1 your membership will lapse if by then your dues have not arrived.  

Forty-nine members have already renewed while two new friends joined.  Thank you!

I'm Glad You Asked!

More on that membership database.

Hey editor! You're a frivolous guy.  What kind of silly statistics can you dredge out of last year's membership roster?

  • Our members live in 50 different Michigan cities and towns, plus 8 non-Michigan towns in IL, SC, CA, CT, WI, UT, OH, and PA.  If we could just get that Ontario member back we'd be international!

  • Zipcode 48103 is our greatest stronghold with 37 members, followed by; 48108 (27), 48104 (17), 48105 (16), 48197 (15.)

  • Thirty-five members are Shadowy Enigmas as they didn't fill in the address portion of their profile.

  • Most members get their email services on Gmail (113) with Yahoo (48), Comcast (28), AOL (22), umich (16), HOTMAIL (14), and SBCGLOBAL (10) the only other services in double digits.  The remaining 59 members use 49 different email servers.   The club's address is on Gmail too.

  • Twenty members get email via five different .edu domains, mostly umich.  Most members are on the .com domain, but 52 (17%) hail from the .net domain.

  • Courtney, Zachary, and Logan are the most popular names among our member's kids.  Among members it's Carol, David, and John. Honorable mention goes to James, Michael, and Nancy.

Vital stats that fulfill your day!

Travel Tip

It's road-trip season!

You might visit a National Park this year.  If so look into the passes available.  Some people qualify for free admission to National Parks and Monuments.  Seniors can buy an $80 lifetime pass.