Board Of Directors Elections!

It’s that time of year again: time to give members an opportunity to increase their involvement in our great club by joining our Board of Directors.  If you would like to join the fun, and help steer the direction of the club going forward (or if you know someone else who you think would be a positive addition), we invite you to nominate yourself (or another) for the upcoming BOD election to be conducted at the annual Business Meeting held this year on (TBD).

There are six BOD positions opening for selection this year.  Four of the six director positions opening have already notified us that they will run again for another term, leaving us in need of at least two more candidates.  Although our rules state that you can submit your nominations right up to the day of the elections, please help us prepare the ballots ahead of time by submitting your nomination forms by email to a member of the Nominating Committee (see below) as soon as you can.

Nominating Committee:

Joe Knopp-

Lane Hotchkiss-

Darlene Morin-

Mike Timmerman-

Our President, Lisa Salisbury, has indicated that she will run for President again but, should you like a chance to run for that position, yourself, our club rules state that all candidates for President must declare to the BOD their intent to run no later than (date TBD): 35 days before the election.

Thanks for your help keeping the Ann Arbor Ski Club the best!



your Nominating Committee