You joined the club.  That's getting involved. But, there is more available for the truly active member who wants to engage.  Continue reading for the many ways to get more!

Social Events

Would you like to organize or help with a social event; maybe a night-on-the-town, an expedition to a play or musical, or a meet-up at a nearby community festival?  Something you know would be of interest to members.  We understand!  Social Coordinator Alan Oesterdale is ready to hear your suggestion.  Or, send an introduction to

Cross-Country Skiing

Washtenaw County is very fortunate to have high quality natural areas suitable for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and hiking.  Locations just minutes away.    A little further, in Northern Michigan and Ontario are the gems that make the Great Lakes famous -- plus more reliable snow!   A2SC has a long history with Nordic skiing in Michigan and Ontario.  We have our perennial favorites for long weekend trips and local park excursions with or without snow.  Every few years a new idea comes along and it becomes a perennial favorite too.   Be the next member to reveal a hidden gem.  Start by contacting our Nordic Ski Coordinator with your proposal.

Wait!  We currently don't have a Nordic Coordinator.  Are you ready to be the club's chief XC skier?  Let us know. 

In the meantime send a message with your ideas to

Alpine Skiing

Lane Hotchkiss is our Alpine Ski Coordinator.  If you have an idea for a 5-day (or more) Alpine ski trip (aka Downhill aka Out-West) contact Lane.

General Meetings and Corn Roast

A2SC conducts one or two General Meetings every month between September and April, usually held at Cobblestone Farm.

General Meetings require volunteer support; set-up, take-down, snacks and beverages, hospitality (at-the-door greeters and dispensers of information), A/V support, and GM planning.  Start now to get involved by picking your job and your meeting.  Then count on re-upping because it is fun. Or, bring your meeting theme idea to the GM Planning Committee and take charge!  Business Coordinator Paula Condon is standing by to receive your pledge of support.

The Corn Roast, our biggest event and the kick-off to a new season, requires many volunteers to pull off.  For those experienced working a previous CR consider volunteering again.  Your knowledge is invaluable.  Yet, CR virgins need not be afraid!  The tasks are well defined and the team-building is fun.  Plus, one of the grey-heads will help you through it!  It's never too early to say "I Will."  Send your Put-Me-on-the-CR-Team message to

Club Business

In some organizations club administration is a "cost center"-- Yikes, overhead!   But, not here.  We are all volunteer!  Yet, administration gets done because it must.   The club has assets and responsibilities requiring tax forms and insurance.  Just two examples of what a non-profit social club must manage to stay in business.  The Board of Directors sets policy and many Directors double as coordinators for key administrative tasks.  There are ways to help them.   Finance, Treasury, and Communications are three duties supported by committees and by individuals accepting specific responsibilities.  
Consider bringing your expertise to one of these vital trusts.  And, if a job is already filled consider offering yourself as a backup or understudy.
  Start by contacting Business Coordinator Paula Condon or President Greg Robertson or any Director on the Board.

Volunteer Rewards Program

We are a club of volunteers with a rewards program!  All club operations, including planning and delivering trips and events as well as overall club administration, comes from a lot of volunteered personal time and energy. The Volunteer Rewards Program has been developed to;

  • Reward and thank those members who keep our club vibrant by volunteering.
  • Encourage additional members to get involved with new ideas and activities and to assist with various events.
  • Create awareness in our community about AASC and our club's 60-plus years of providing skiing, socializing, and non-winter sports opportunities to equal numbers of men and women spanning a wide age range who arrive with diverse backgrounds and skill levels.  Beginners and experts both find a home in this club!

This program was launched at the 2017 Corn Roast and is in place until our Corn Roast in 2018. Points earned can be redeemed for great gifts. Click here for an overview of the program -- revised 10-26-17.


Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106


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