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Ann Arbor Ski Club
Special Edition
President's Letter
to the Membership

February 18, 2020


for members of the
Board of Directors
nd President

of the
Ann Arbor Ski Club

Elections for President and BOD will be held at the Annual Business Meeting at
Cobblestone Farm,
Thursday April 2, 2020

Terms  Ending

Alan Osterdale
Darlene Morin
Joe Knopp
Lance Burghardt
Lisa Salisbury
Nancy Marcotte
Greg Robertson
(as President)

Please send your nominations ASAP.

plan on attending the April 2nd Annual Meeting.


Dear Friend,

You've enjoyed the privileges all year, now comes the responsibility part.  Step up Member! 

Our Nominating Committee is up and running leading us through the annual club process through which we select next year's President and five Board members.


  • Elections for President (1) and members of the Board of directors (5) will be held at the Annual Business Meeting at Cobblestone Farm, 7:30 pm, Thursday April 2, 2020.  That's just over 6 weeks away.
All  members in good standing (dues paying) are eligible and encouraged to vote.  Voting is only available in person.
  • Terms Ending (7): Alan Osterdale, Darlene Morin, Joe Knopp, Lance Burghardt, Lisa Salisbury, Nancy Marcotte, Greg Robertson (as President)
  • Terms Continuing (5): Donna Sagonowsky, Janet Starr, Kathy Homiak, Lane Hotchkiss, Greg Robertson (as past President)

Please send your nominations as soon as possible to the Nominating Committee;

Donna Sagonowsky
Janet Starr
Kathy Homiak
Lane Hotchkiss
Greg Robertson (chair.) 

The committee has been tasked wih finding a minimum of one candidate for each open Board position and President. 

While Board member nominations can be made from the floor at the General Meeting on April 2nd, it is preferable the committee receive nominations as soon as possible.  


Per a 2017 change to the Bylaws,
any nomination for President must
be made to the committee
(35 days before the election) 
Nominations from the floor
are no longer allowed
for President.

Additional Information

  • The Ann Arbor Ski Club is governed by a Constitution, Bylaws and Policies.  Members may view these on our website.
  • Board members are elected to 2 year terms, staggered so that five Board members will be starting a 2 year term following each annual election.
  • Only Board members vote on Board matters.  Officers who are not also Board members are not eligible to vote.
  • President of the Ann Arbor Ski Club
    • The President is elected to a 1 year term.
    • The President is a voting member and presiding officer of the Board of Directors.
    • The past President is automatically a Board member for the year following their term as President.
    • A person may be elected President for a maximum of two (2) terms in succession.
    • Greg is not eligible for election since he has been elected each of the past 2 years.
    • Per a change to the bylaws in 2017, nominees for President must be declared at least 35 days in advance of the election.  For 2020, with the election on Thursday April 2, any nominees for President must therefore be received by Thursday February 27.
  • Officers of the club are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    • Following the general election, the Vice President is elected by the Board from among Board members.
    • The Secretary and Treasurer are also elected by the Board.  They must each be a member of the club, but they need not be Board members.
    • Only Board members are permitted to vote on Board matters.
  • With the exception of the President, additional nominations for Board members may also be made from the floor the night of the election.
  • Club members may also nominate themselves.


The Nominating Committee

Donna Sagonowsky
Janet Starr
Kathy Homiak
Lane Hotchkiss
Greg Robertson (Chair)


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