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4 . 24 . 2022


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State of the Club

A Message from The President

Hello Ann Arbor Ski Club!
(and friends)

First off, I want to thank the exiting Board Of Directors for all you have done for the club. Especially for serving an extra year during the Covid pandemic.  Since there were no meetings or elections and therefore no quorum during this time your hands were tied, but you took it gracefully!

Next time you see them thank;

Lance Burghardt, Nancy Homiak, Lane Hotchkiss, Joe Knopp, Nancy Marcotte, Alan Osterdale, Donna Sagonowsky, Janet Starr and former President Greg Robertson.

A special thanks goes to Cheryl Anderson, who serves the vital job of club Treasurer, and Pat Marten who serves as the Receiving Treasurer.  They work hard, attending all BOD meetings, to keep the club financials up-to-date and accurate.  Their efforts help the Board honor their fiduciary responsibilities. 

Also, a nod to our committee chairs, event, and trip planners.   The Ann Arbor Ski Club is lucky to have so many dedicated members planning events and trips for the club.

I welcome our incoming Board Of Directors, a new team I am excited to work with over the next year as the club re-emerges from Covid.  It will be a time of new social get-togethers and more meetings. 

The club has 72 recently added members and I would love to meet all of you at one of our gatherings over the next few months.  I'll be looking for you!

To the Slopes and Beyond!
Lisa Salisbury, President
Ann Arbor Ski Club

New Membership Year

members only graphic

We have Meetup members, 1670, and Facebook Group members, 569.

And, we have the traditional membership that goes back to 1954, which confers benefits, such as being able to go on a club trip or another club's trip if they are part of MDSC.

Plus more!

For two years, because of the pandemic, the Board of Directors suspended annual membership dues.  Now that the world and the club are re-emerging from the global lockdown it is time to restart the annual tradition of paying dues.  It starts next week.

Next week Active members, 387, will receive several emails from our server.

First comes a reminder that the new year is about to start.  Then on May 1 when the new year starts each active member will receive an official new year notification and an invoice in the form of an email.

All three messages have a Renew button, which allows you to begin, and optionally end, the process online. 

You can pay online via Paypal and you'll be immediately notified that your membership has been extended.  Or, you can send your dues check to the club's PO Box and the extension will happen after the Membership team enters the transaction.  Just follow the instructions after you click renew.

If you are merely a friend from our eBlast distribution list, or a lapsed member, you will not receive any of these messages.  But !! You can join!

Ready to renew today?  Click this Profile link then scroll down your profile page until you see the Renew button.  Proceed from there.  You will have to log in.   If you've forgotten your password, click this.

Election Results

vote graphic

The members really came out in force.  We needed 57 to make quorum.  108 people attended, 99 ballots got distributed, and 96 ballots were cast.

Lisa Salisbury was elected President.  The results of the Board election are.

2-year Terms

    • Lane Hotchkiss
    • Darlene Morin
    • Anne Gilbert
    • Joe Knopp
    • Mike Timmerman

1-year Terms

    • Susan Brown
    • Alan Osterdale
    • Todd Newman
    • Vicki Watson
    • Greg Robertson

Except for Greg, who, as the former President is serving an automatic 1-year term, the Directors above are listed in order of the votes received.

This was an unusual year in which all Directors had met the end of their term, therefore, to recreate the staggered terms as is normal, the club's constitution prescribes this solution of ordering the vote getters to separate them into 1- and 2-year terms.

Congratulations new Board and President!

PayPal is Back

The club is supporting PayPal again for membership applications and renewals.

The Board is considering allowing PayPal payments for use in the club Store and for trips.

And Point of Sale (POS) functionality is being studied.

Considering is the key word here.  And, BTW, new Communications team member Jeff Crawford turned around the complicated PayPal re-engagement overnight.  To the rescue!

Brain heads drawing

Club Meetings

May 15 Mega-Party 

Held at the Union Hall.

Proof of Covid vaccination required to join a club General Meeting.  You will have to show proof at the door to enter.



Night-on-The-Town Events



And, our traditional September trip to Traverse City is making its way through committees and the Board.  Sign-ups will begin soon.

Photo Credit: Colleen Doran

Big Sky Slide Show

Check out our web site's new slide show thanks to members of the Big Sky trip.




Rewards Program

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Volunteering hands image
Volunteering hands image

Read a description here.

Code of Conduct

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We know how to behave responsibly!

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