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2 . 15 . 2021

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Powder Mountain 2015

It was a super day even before the super heroes arrived.

Photo Credit: Laura Rowe


Longtime member Laura Rowe recently joined the fun on our Facebook group page.

State of the Club

The Board of Directors Held a Meeting on 28-JAN

End of Summer Events

The board discussed the ongoing pandemic and agreed that our community will at least begin to emerge from the pandemic by the end of Summer.  Also, that it will be practical to begin offering events around that time.

Extended Membership

The board voted to once again extend the membership year by an additional 12 months.  Therefore existing memberships are automatically extended until 04-30-2022.

Any NEW person wishing to join the club before that time must pay $20 dues.   (See sidebar on not accepting online payments.)

Annual Business Meeting Delayed Again

The annual business meeting/election is delayed until March 2022.  All board positions and officers of the Ann Arbor Ski Club are extended until the next annual business meeting, per the A2SC constitution.


Events and trips that are getting discussed.

Sunday 29-Aug-2021
Corn Roast 
The next formal A2SC event 

September - December 2021
Monthly Club Meetings
Cobblestone Farm ?? – TBD

January 14 – 16, 2022
The Instructional
Shanty Creek?? – TBD

March 2022
A2SC Annual Business Meeting

March 4 – 6, 2022
Munising Taste & Glide Cross-Country Ski Trip
Washtenaw Ski Touring Club (WSTC) sponsors this trip

Pending BOD Approval

These trips are further along in the planning process.  Lane Hotchkiss has been working with individual trip leaders and travel agents to nail down specifics.  He's gone as far as he can for now.  It will be a few more months before resorts and airlines release their fees.  Therefore, these trips are also tentative, but with initial planning done.

  • Whistler in January
  • Big Sky and Terrace Inn in February
  • Park City in March

And, the Pedal & Pour Bike Trip to Traverse City in September may already be approved.  We're just waiting for the virtual vote tally.

Club President Greg Robertson, pictured above taking a load off at Breckenridge (the week Covid shut down the ski business.)

No PayPal No More

The club has stopped accepting online payments.  For now we're going Old School and only accepting checks through the mail or tender given at a meeting... someday.

Our web services provider required that we upgrade our PayPal account or switch to their in-house payment processor and we elected to not do either at this time.

Note, this saves the club money in several different ways.

In the past we allowed online payments via PayPal for club memberships and renewals and items purchased from our online store.

A decision on whether or not this should be permanent has not been made or discussed.

Stuff is going into the Calendar.  Wow!

Lane Hotchkiss is our ski trips coordinator.

He said,

"I want to emphasize ... tentative as we don’t want to publish them as final until we get the costs and contract terms for review and approval by the Board.  If any trip costs come in too high, we will have to look at alternative locations."

More detail in the Trips section below and on our Calendar.


Around Town

This Month is Cancelled!


Formal scheduled events are still a ways out.  Stay safe!

Aug 29 Corn Roast, The New Run Begins 

Warning; Tentative, Still needs BOD approval.



Alan Osterdale

Alan, who serves as a Director on the Board, is also the Activities Coordinator.  And, he leads the Competitive Skiing Committee.

Races ARE Scheduled

The MAAC guidelines for 2021 racing, including updates for addressing Covid requirements, are here.  Below are some highlights.

The Othmar warming hut will be limited to ten people at any one time, due to this fact Boyne will close the warming hut to only essential MAAC personnel.   But, the bathrooms will be open.

Snowflake is no longer a bar, so no awards given there this season. The awards will be given at a fire pit in-front of the main lodge.    A bar will be available. 

Snowflake does continue as a restaurant.

These rules may change as the situation changes.



It's Almost Flyin' Time


Member News & Tips

Pat Marten is our Local Trails Coordinator and Receiving Treasurer.   She gave our Facebook community the following advice regarding our usual winter trails activity.

Cross country trails are groomed at Huron Meadows, Kensington & Hudson Mills. (Rentals at first two)

No official club outings planned this year. So Facebook is a good way to connect to friends, who may want to meet up, post when and where you’re going. Stay safe and look forward to more planned trips and outings, next year.

The Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative facilitates new non-motorized pathways in Washtenaw County, linked to a growing network of Michigan trails. 

Below are a few paragraphs extracted from their newsletter regarding the B2B.

In 2021, our trail community will continue to see exciting progress as we move full steam ahead to add more miles to the Border-to-Border Trail System (B2B).  As we prepare for the year ahead, we would like to share a couple of updates on recently completed trail projects. 

Zeeb Road to Dexter Trail Segment - The Washtenaw County Road Commission has installed pedestrian signals at the red iron bridge in the Delhi Metropark, creating a safer crosswalk at East Delhi Road in Ann Arbor.

Frog Island Park, Ypsilanti -  The City of Ypsilanti is currently installing new lighting along this B2B trail segment, which extends along the south and west sides of the park, parallel to the Huron River and connecting to East Cross and East Forest Streets. This trail segment currently has only one light fixture at the base of the bridge and amphitheater.
These features will increase the safety for visitors who are currently enjoying winter activities along the trail.

Here's how you get there.

Are You Feeling Lucky?!

Track down one of these for a taste test;  McDonald's Spam and Oreo Burger.   It's a real thing!

Mittens in The Mitten

Thanks for the tip Dave Mellor.  For this and all the other posts you've put on our Facebook group page, this newsletter editor has named you Club Communicator of the Month.  He really does keep us up to date with useful posts on our FB group page.  Bravo.   He should become a member-member, or at least get on our contacts list.  (If you see Dave let him know.)

Honorable mentions go to; Donna, Cheryl, Lisa, Celeste, Sue, Kirk, Jeff, and Lance.

The List
  • lodge
  • ski school
  • lift lines
  • gondolas
  • chairlifts

What do these things have in common?

They're all places where you will have to wear a face mask.

Skiers are not unfamiliar with a code of conduct.

More coming next month on the Ides of ... March!

Part of the Border-to-Border Trail.

Photo credit: Mackenzie Wisniewski



Restaurants and Lodging, They Have a Plan

The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Industry has produced guidelines on how to operate safely.

Rewards Program

Don't Take Tylenol and Advil Near Time of Vaccination

Fever-reducing is the problem.  Read more here.

Thanks for the tip Janet Jalia Mashni.

Follow up on some of our partners in the snow sports industry here.

Travel Advice from the CDC

  "This page is about travel that is different from your everyday activities. [That is, travel that is] away from your local community."


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