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April 5, 2020
Come Ski With Us!

Last Year's Joke Recycled

It's Come to This... Re-runs.

So, What of It!

Buckin' Fug!!

State of the Club

The Ann Arbor Ski Club Board of Directors has suspended all club activities (except virtual ones) until further notice.

  • The BOD has elected to extend current memberships until August 31, 2020.  Membership renewal will not begin until after 1-AUG-2020.

  • The membership fee for  the 2020/2021 season has yet to be determined.

The April 23rd General Meeting at Cobblestone Farm is cancelled.

Cobblestone, owned by the city, has further indicated they will be taking no reservations, or they will cancel existing reservations, for the month of May.

We're normally

In Your Dreams !

Spring Bike Trip to a Great Lakes National Park

May 29 - 31

Hosted by:
Greg Robertson

Up North Michigan Late Summer Weekend Bike Trip

Sep 18 - 20

Hosted by:
Joe Knopp and Bonnie Marsalese

Bicycle-riding hazmat suits.  Get Yours Now!

Hopefully, maybe, in spacesuits.

Thomas Meets a Skier

Around Town is Cancelled Until Further Notice

This Month is Cancelled!

Stay Safe

Ends & Odds

A2SC By The Numbers

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Meetup               1505
Rewards Participants  106

Recognition and Rewards Program

Virtual   A2SC

Some known ways to be socially close while physically distant.

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An introduction to the features of our web server, includes intro video.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our resident WA guru.

Meet Your Need for Speed

Season's results are here.

Photo Contest

... is gestating.  Maybe more info next week...

Go ahead and Bogart that toke, my friend.  It's all yours.

Hazmat season!  Finally I have the right outfit.

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