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Ann Arbor Ski Club
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January 14, 2019

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Openings Remain 

Jan 19 Steamboat
Feb 02 Mt Bachelor
Feb 05 Boyne w/ Livonians

Full (Taking wait-list applications.)

Feb 01 Terrace Inn
Feb 09 Aspen, CO
Mar 02 Sun Valley, ID


This is the last week for Livonia Club Boyne trip signups.  Rooms are for pairs.  Best to sign up in teams of two.  Jim Millman is leading this trip.

Julie Wieghman is leading the Battlecreek Club Mt. Bachelor trip.  Word is they still have one opening.

There's room for one gentleman at Steamboat, but you have to find your own air travel.  We passed an airline deadline.  All you dudes with FF miles and time to spare, woo hoo!  Contact Lisa.

pcmng vnts


Wd 16 GM - Keep on Burning
Fr 18 FNL - Snake Oil
Wd 23 PBT Brain Test
Th 24 RHH @ STD Bistro-Larder
Fr 25 Euchred Again!


Wd 06 Din & Cin
Sn 10 Huron Meadows Sk'Hike
Sn 17 Hudson Mills Sk'Hike
Wd 20 GM @ Mt. BrightON
Fr 22 Euchred Again!


Th 06 Din & Cin
Mn 11 SocCom SteerMeet
Wd 20 GM @ Revel'n'Roll
Fr 22 Euchred Again!


Webcams and Snow Conditions
I need to see it with my own electronic eyes!

Up North

Schuss/Shanty Creek
Boyne Mountain

Out West

Mt Bachelor
Sun Valley

Right Here

Alpine Valley
Mt. Brighton
Mt. Holly
Huron Meadows (conditions)
Hudson Mills (weather forecast)

Don't Go Everywhere!
Ski Resorts All Over

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Racing Schedule

Jan 19 - 20
Feb 08 – 10
Feb 23 – 24
Mar 01 - 03


    Exploring Local Trails

    Sundays Currently Available: Jan 27;  Feb 3, 24

    Local Trails Coordinator Pat Marten invites members or friends to lead a Sunday trails outing (skiing or hiking) during January and February.  

    Pat says

    "Usually we meet about noon, but that's flexible.  We'll ski or hike for a couple hours, then go out for food & drink at a restaurant nearby or back to the leader's house for a potluck. 

    It's always fun to go out with friends, whether we ski or hike.  So please consider volunteering.  Just pick your favorite park and date and let me know.  I'll do the write up and get it on the calendar."

    Send Pat your suggestion and commitment and thank her for keeping us tracking on.

    This Town Isn't Big Enough For The Three of Us!
    No worries, there are only two of us.

    A2SC is not Ann Arbor's only ski club.  Whaaaa?!  say the newbies. 

    We also have the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club.  

    They focus on, um, Ski Touring-- Cross Country skiing for the purpose of covering backcountry quickly and efficiently while having fun doing it.  But, they hike and do other active things too and they want you to know you're invited to look over their schedule (also here) and join the fun.  Up North and local cross-country skiing is well represented on their calendar.  Membership ($15) is required for trips, but not local activities. Check 'em out.

    We Have a Store!

    It's online and has product sporting our logo.   Sorry friends, members only.