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Ann Arbor Ski Club
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December 10, 2018
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Upcoming Events

Some say "ski club" is a front for popular social activities.  Rumors of happy events around town persist!


Mon 10 Caroling at Glacier Hills
Wed 12 Dinner & Movie Night
Thu 13 Happy Hour at Steak House
Sat 15 Saturday Night on Mt. Holly

Wed 19 Pretzel Bell Trivia Night
Thu 21 Friday Night on Mt Brighton

Fri 28 Fri'Ni' at Alpine Valley
Fri 28 Euchre Night!

January 2019

Wed 02 Dinner & Movie Night
Sun 06 Sunday Ski at Huron Meadows
S/S 12 F'Freestyle K'Klassic

Wed 16 GM -- Keep on Burning
Wed 23 Pretzel Bell Trivia Night
Fri 25 Euchre Night!

Full Calendar


Trip on a click and see where you go.

Taking Wait-list Reservations

Feb 09 Aspen February 2019
Mar 02 Sun Valley March 2019 

Openings Remain
Accepting applications

Jan 11 Schuss/Shanty Creek
Jan 19 Steamboat Springs

Feb 01 Terrace Inn
Feb 02 Mt Bachelor w/ Friends
Feb 05 Livonia Boyne Bus 

Guess what!

You thought it was full because by now it always is.  But Terrace isn't.

There are plenty of rooms left, (including that super cool one you've always wanted.)

But, not for long!!  Soon we must give back what isn't reserved and then those options
are gone.

Get in now.

More at MDSC

Racing Schedule
At Boyne Mountain -- Boyne Falls, MI

Jan 05 - 06
Jan 19 - 20
Feb 08 – 10
Feb 23 – 24
Mar 01 - 03


Exploring Local Trails

Sunday cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking local trails according to conditions and preferences.

Local Trails Coordinator Pat Marten seeks leaders for Sunday outings to explore local trails during January and February.

Pat says,

"Usually we meet about noon, but that's flexible.  We'll ski or hike for a couple hours, then go out for food & drink at a restaurant nearby or back to the leader's house for a potluck. 

It's always fun to go out with friends, whether we ski or hike.  So please consider volunteering, just pick your favorite park and date and let me know.  And I'll do the write up and get it on the calendar."

Send Pat your suggestion and commitment and thank her for keeping us trucking on.


...on the trails...

Club Vice-President Donna Sagonowsky brings us this tip regarding Mt. Brighton.   Three tickets for the price of two.   Check it out.   Thanks Veep!

And, from Pat Marten this tip-- Discover Michigan Skiing, is a well supported and broad-ranging program to get more of Michigan into snow sports.  There are interesting offers there, particularly for families.  Give it a look.

Finally, from your eBlast editor; check out the changes the BOD has brought to volunteer rewards.  The Volunteer Recognition and Rewards Program was renewed last August.   Today, after several months of work updating the program, it is ready for review and continued use, (by members only.)  Read about it here, but to really know the program, volunteer