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Join the Planning Phase of Trip Making

Trip planning committees include Alpine, Nordic, and Alternative Trips (which falls under the purview of the Activities Coordinator.) 

Use the club's Org Chart to find current chairs (coordinators) for each standing and ad hoc committee.

If you don't find a chair or coordinator for a particular standing committee the position is open!  Contact that post's respective primary coordinator-- Business, Skiing, Activities.  Committee work is done in meetings, and in the future online.  Join the committee, then join the organizing.

Upcoming Planning Meetings

A2SC Standing Skiing Committees

Alpine - Downhill in Michigan and elsewhere
Nordic -
Competitive -
Downhill Racing in Michigan
MDSC - Metro Detroit region Ski Council

 A2SC Standing Activities Committees

(...that plan trips)

Alternative Trips - Kayaking, Biking, and Golf

Most Activities Committees don't organize trips.  They organize local events.

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