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Volunteer Rewards Program

We are a club of volunteers with a rewards program!

All club operations, including planning and delivering trips and events as well as overall club administration, comes from a lot of volunteered personal time and energy. 

The Volunteer Rewards Program has been developed to;

  • Reward and thank those members who keep our club vibrant by volunteering.
  • Encourage additional members to get involved with new ideas and activities and to assist with various events.
  • Create awareness in our community about A2SC and our club's 60-plus years of providing skiing, socializing, and non-winter sports opportunities to equal numbers of men and women spanning a wide age range who arrive with diverse backgrounds and skill levels.  Beginners and experts both find a home in this club!

Points earned can be redeemed for great gifts. Here are prizes for award levels. 

  • All Season Jacket, 30
  • Free Membership, 20
  • Polo Shirt, 10
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler, 8
  • Long Sleeve T-shirt, 6
  • Ski Pole Flag, 3
  • Bandana, 2

Read the program flyer for complete details.  For information about your current points, contact our Rewards Program Administrator


The Volunteer Rewards Program has been extended another year.

Points earned this past year may be retained and points earned after the Corn Roast will be redeemable for the same set of gifts.  (See above)

This program was launched at the 2017 Corn Roast. Points earned can be redeemed for great gifts.

Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106

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