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Our Club's Governing Document

Two copies of the club's governing document are available for your review.

#1 - Our Official Governing Document

Constitution, Bylaws, & Policies of A2SC

#2 - A Dated Version in HTML

It's navigable via hyperlinks and views well on a computer display.  We're testing that functionality for our online presence.  Unfortunately it's a dated copy of our bylaws.

(Since June 2018 when this page was first created I've managed to locate the latest version of our Bylaws.  But!  I forgot how to export it to a cool HTML version.  

When I remember the magic steps I'll get that done.  -- Web Editor, 11-JAN-2019.)


Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106

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Ann Arbor Ski Club
P.O. Box 3258
Ann Arbor, MI

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