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The Alpenhorn

A blog managed by the A2SC Communication Coordinator for communicating urgent messages to club followers or login announcement messages.

  • Mon, April 01, 2019 2:30 PM | Dennis Slough (Administrator)

    Details on Bike & Hike Weekend to Cuyahoga National Park have been posted.  Check it out.

    Includes a link to the Contract to Participate.

  • Fri, February 22, 2019 9:29 AM | Dennis Slough (Administrator)

    Our Nominating Committee is up and running.  This is an annual club process through which we find next year's Board and officers.  Send your nominations to the Committee Chair Alan Osterdale.  Also serving on the Committee are Lance Burghardt, Joe Knopp, and Lisa Salisbury.  These are the four current Board members whose terms continue one more year.

    Seven Director terms are expiring at the end of next month*.  We can retain or replace them in this year's election at the Annual Business Meeting.  Send your nominations to the committee.  They are tasked with finding a minimum of one candidate for each vacated Board position and President.

    Though Board member nominations can be made from the floor at the General Meeting on April 3rd it's better to send nominations to the Committee ASAP.

    Note, per our Bylaws any nomination for President must be made to the committee by Wednesday February 27.  Greg Robertson has signaled to the committee that he will again run for President.  Send in your nominations ASAP and plan on attending and voting at the Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 3rd.

    * Paula Condon, Kathy Homiak, Greg Robertson, John Ruthven, Donna Sagonowsky, Janet Starr, and Gordon Witte

  • Thu, July 26, 2018 2:01 PM | Dennis Slough (Administrator)

    The A2 Alpenhorn, aka the A3,  is up and running.   What's an Alpenhorn?  It's where we post last minute messages; For example, "General Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather" or "Low Participation is Putting [an event] in Danger of Cancellation."  It's for very short announcements that can't wait until the next eBlast or meeting. If you think something needs to be Alpenhorned send the A2SC Communications team a message.

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